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Michael Austins 2001 Acura Integra



I am Michael Austin, from a small town in NC called Elizabeth City. I have always had a love for cars but like many around my age group (30 years old) a certain movie set me on my path, “The Fast and the Furious”.
I saw that movie when I was about 12-13 years old and fell in love with Ja Rules red Acura Integra. I knew I would have that car someday but never knew it would be where it is today.
Fast forward many years and about 10 years owning my current Integra. Owning this car has been a total learning experience. I put the mindset that I would always try to do all the work on my car that I could. This lead me to learn how to paint, build engines, make wiring harnesses, etc. 
Almost every thing has been touched on the car but it’s a never ending process. I always look for things to improve on and am always getting inspiration from other builds
This car also had me meet some amazing people and create relationships that will last a lifetime. Luke Emmanuel, Jeff Trueblood, Steffen Weber, Elric Claudio (RIP) have all helped me tremendously with my build and have helped shape what it is today.
Huge shout-out to my sponsors for supporting me:

Buddy club, truhart, and Sickspeed

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