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Jamie Kelley’s 1989 Chevy S-10 ” Schizophrenia “

Jamie Kelley’s 1989 Chevy S-10 ” Schizophrenia “
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Owner: Jamie Kelley (Schizo)

Vehicle: ’89 Chevorlet S-10

City/State: Asheville, North Carolina

Club: Next Level Customs

Engine: Chromed out 350 smallblock, dual electric fans, oversized radiator.

Hydraulic Setup: Completely independent suspension and six stage radical/spinning bed! Ten modified Hi-LOW pumps, Delta dumps for suspension, 8″ regulars on front, 14″ skinny’s on back. Six 10″ cylinders, two 8″ cylinders & 1 six” on the bed-lift. Eight Super-Crank group 31 batteries. 22 solenoids total, 22 switches, & a ground disconnect. 4 way bed split driven by an ATV winch motor.

Tires: 225/50 R-15 BF Goodrich whitewalls

Rims: 120 spoke 15X8 Roadster wires

Paint: Driver’s side: Blue marble over chrome with red Kryptek graphics and aluminum diamond plate effects. Passenger side: Red marble over chrome with blue Kyrptek graphics and aluminum diamond plate effects. * 2 face on the hood

Stereo: Eclipse cd player, Rockford Fosgate mids and tweets, an epicenter, Sound Dynamic 15’s, & a Hi-Fonics Genesis amp.

Pyrotechnics: Custom built (by me) remote control flamethrower! (Capable of shooting a column of fire 12-15 ft.) . Concussion grenade (sound effect) + spark fountains on the tip of each wing.

…And the best part is: Almost everything was done entirely by myself! WHY BE NORMAL ????????

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