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Shawn Marshs 1996 Geo Tracker

Shawn Marshs 1996 Geo Tracker
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Name: Shawn Marsh
Year/Make/Model = 1996 Geo Tracker
Date of Purchase/ build length = Oct. 2022 started building it Jan 4 2023
Club = Acrophobia
Previous Rides = 99 Bagged GMC Suburban, 96 Bagged GMC 1500, 2017 Custom Jeep Wrangler, 93 Bagged and Bodied Isuzu P/U.
Reason for building/tell us the story behind it from your views. Why this vehicle, what was your motivation and any stories you want to share along its process. = Growing up I always had a thing for the Geo Trackers in the Mini Truck scene.
Name of Ride and story behind it = So, I was inspired by an article on Street Source, and I knew then what we were going to build. So, the search was on for a GEO Tracker. A few weeks later I bought the GEO from my buddy Jason Kilpatrick. This is where the story of “Knock off” began.
Engine (include performed by) = We did a DYI cold air kit and changed all the vacuum line to silicon red lines. We wanted to keep it as close to the 90’s era.
Body Mods (include performed by) = Josh Paris did the metal work. We removed reflectors from the Front, Rear fenders, shaved the rear tailgate and installed and frenched license plate box.
Shawn Land (NC) Handled the body work on the fenders and tailgate.
Suspension (include performed by) = My World Fabrication
Front – Custom brackets with 2600 bags.
Back – 3Link with 2600 bags
Air Suspension – Accu Air VU4 with Viair 444c Compressors
Frame – Factory Frame
Performed by: Shawn Brockway
Paint (include performed by) = Jeremy Henline JD Kustoms
Jeremy did an amazing job on the Geo. He was able to take my idea of honoring Take 2 and create one of the Baddest Geo Tracker that I have seen.
This is how the name came to be. I have always admired the paint work on Craig Rowley’s Mazda known as Take 2 and wanted to honor a truck that inspired me to do something crazy. I reached out to Craig during the painting process and let him know that we were using Take 2 as the inspiration behind the paint work. Once we leaked a few picture, Comments were made that is was a “knockoff” of Take 2.
Stereo / Audio (include performed by) = NTX Audio Innovations. My crew here at the shop did an amazing job. Thanks to Cristian Anaya, Turo Diaz and Jon Joynt. Would Also like to thank Jimmy Bradfield with Rockford Fosgate and Richard Hung Wong with Sony Mobile for the support on this build.
Source: Sony 9” XAV-AX8100
Dash Speakers: Rockford Fosgate T142 4” 2 way
Door Speakers: Rockford Fosgate M2-8H and M2-6B
Amps: Rockford Fosgate T-2500.1 on the subs, T-1000.4 on the M2-8H and a T600.4 on the M2-6B and the T142
Batteries: XS Power Lithium
Alternator: Auto Tech Engineering 330amp.
Interior (include performed by) = Diego Anaya with Texas Seats
Tires / Wheels = 20” one off billets with Nexen Tires
Special Thanks = To take an idea and create a one of a kind built takes a team. I couldn’t thank everyone that had a hand in it enough. Thank you, Tabitha Marsh, Kenneth McCay, Shawn Brockway, Josh Paris, Shawn Land, Cristian Anaya, Turo Diaz, Jon Joynt, Jeremy Henline, Jimmy Bradfield, Richard Hung Wong, Craig Rowley, Jason Kilpatrick, Deigo Anaya.
Also want to thank everyone that has shared the build on Facebook and Instagram. With out you our build would not have reached as many people as it has.

Feature Shot by ECS Justin Parker

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