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Jason Roberson’s 1989 Dodge D-50

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Juan Avila’s 1996 GMC Sierra

Name: Juan AvilaYear/Make/Model =1996 gmc sierraDate of Purchase/ build length =1 year buildClub = n/aPrevious Rides =Reason for building/tell us the story behind it from your views. Why this vehichle, whatwas your motivation and any stories you want to share along it’s process. = After manyyears and many rides taking them to and from different shops and none getting done. Hedecided to step away from customizing any vehicles. One day on a Facebook post he sawFrank Ayon from Phat Paint Customs post pictures of bagged painted rides. Juan Avila reachedout and asked who did the trucks? Frank replied that him, his brother Jossele Ayon, and thecrew at Phat Paint Customs built those rides. He couldn’t believe that the young kid Frank hemet years ago was now building dream rides.Name of Ride...

Jorge Arevalo’s 1963 Chevy Impala

Jorge Arévalo 1963 Chevy impala ChicanoS car club I’ve been a Chicano’s club member since 1998 I have few rides and I always dream on having an impala. The opportunity can around so I just on, I always want to have one of the bad ass rides around and give people something to talk about or something to admired. “Veneno 63” “poison” I name it like that because I became like an addiction just seeing the car looking better and better every time i did something to it. Engine Pretty much everything is chrome, I had to change the engine when I first bought the car, I had a crack by the flight wheel so we have to throw a 350 on it. Done by robs transmissions over by airport road. Must of the upgrade you all know were done by Chris “bd-idea” from ruined rides. Suspension 3 pumps full engraved from ...

Shawn Marshs 1996 Geo Tracker

Name: Shawn MarshYear/Make/Model = 1996 Geo TrackerDate of Purchase/ build length = Oct. 2022 started building it Jan 4 2023Club = AcrophobiaPrevious Rides = 99 Bagged GMC Suburban, 96 Bagged GMC 1500, 2017 Custom Jeep Wrangler, 93 Bagged and Bodied Isuzu P/U.Reason for building/tell us the story behind it from your views. Why this vehicle, what was your motivation and any stories you want to share along its process. = Growing up I always had a thing for the Geo Trackers in the Mini Truck scene.Name of Ride and story behind it = So, I was inspired by an article on Street Source, and I knew then what we were going to build. So, the search was on for a GEO Tracker. A few weeks later I bought the GEO from my buddy Jason Kilpatrick. This is where the story of “Knock off” began.Engine (include ...

Angie Snyder’s 1994 Ford Ranger

Feature by ECS Mark Mckeehan

Shane Andrews 2012 Nissan Frontier

Photoshoot Shot By ECS Mark Mckeehan